R.Magnan Consulting Inc.

R.Magnan Consulting Inc.
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Dr. Rudy Magnan, Founder/President
Phone: (917) 402- 6359
Email: metacognitivethinking@outlook.com

Transforming The Mind Into An Idea Generator

holmes quote graphicThere is room for some new thinking methods that can prove to be successful in transforming our minds to become "Idea Generators."

We marvel at the great accomplishments of da Vinci, Darwin, Edison, Einstein and others. Yet all of them challenged the established knowledge and perceptions of the time by looking and seeking a new design that would lead to their eventual innovation or scientific advance. They learned to observe natural phenomena in a different way in order to generate new ideas. They developed new insights as they gathered new information and recognized patterns. These new insights elevated the mind to produce new ideas and concepts that previously were not obvious. Consequently, they had a continuous flow of new original information available to them.

We have new scientific evidence that helps explain how the mind functions in determining how we draw meaning and understanding from what we learn. It involves using the most powerful mechanism of the brain called "Pattern Recognition." This mechanism is composed of a large cluster of neurons that work together to allow us to suddenly realize a new pattern design not previously obvious. A landscape artist, a poet, a composer will suddenly get an insight, an inspiration, a creative idea because they have learned to use this DEsign Pattern Thinking to arrive at their creations.


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