R.Magnan Consulting Inc.

R.Magnan Consulting Inc.
Creative and Innovative Thinking Solutions

Dr. Rudy Magnan, Founder/President
Phone: (917) 402- 6359
Email: metacognitivethinking@outlook.com

Nurturing Creativity And Innovation In The New Creative Paradigm

skull with quoteWe live and operate in a new creative paradigm where creative thinking is necessary to figure things out in our personal lives as well in our professional careers. Money, clients and consumers chase new ideas and innovations.

Today, new creative ideas are sought after, yet we frequently seem to lack the skills.

We are bombarded everyday with new information and that brings on 'information anxiety' because we are unable to figure out in our minds what to understand and what it all means. We don't have time nor are we conscious of the fact that it is important to think the moments before we act or decide to say something. We fail to use our unused mental potential to resolve problems, to develop new insights and even to become an innovative "idea generator'.

But developing Metacognitive Thinking can make this happen.

This skill isn't difficult to learn and apply. The results will astound you!



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